Our Services - Dental Implants

Dental implants are prescribed when one or more teeth are missing and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the open space. Dental implants are made from titanium. The three restorative materials that can be placed on top of a dental implant are; solid gold for reliable long wear, porcelain fused to a gold base for strength and beauty, and high-strength metal-free porcelain for optimum cosmetic results. With proper care, your new dental implant will increase your overall health and instill confidence for years to come.


1. Before the Procedure

The dentist makes a first examination and takes one or more x-rays of the area to prepare for the procedure.

2. Installing the Implant

The implant is installed. At this time, a temporary tooth is provided that allows you to eat and function like normal almost immediately. The implant will need a few months to integrate with the jawbone before the next step is taken.

3. Attaching the New Crown

The final step is the placement of the permanent ceramic tooth. The new tooth is installed for life. no additional treatment is needed.

4. End Result

You should expect the new tooth to fit and function just like a natural tooth. Do your usual dental hygiene to keep the tooth and gum around it clean and healthy.

For this type of treatment we use: Nobel Biocare